Saturday, March 3, 2012


I decided to resurrect some of my miniatures gaming web pages ("Plastic Wars" army men gaming web site topics), as well as documenting some current projects which might be of use to my fellow gamers.  I hope you enjoy it, and find it of some use for your hobby interests.  Cheers!

28 November 2013:
Updated some photo's on the Mini's vs. Toys -- Dragon Figures; added photo's of the Ice Bridge, scratch-built using DM Scotty's techniques.

29 November 2013:
Updated photo's in the Mini's vs. Toys -- Dragon Figures; replaced photo's of the Reaper Black Dragon figure -- it is painted, and ready for gaming!

22 December 2013:
Edited some of the pages, combining all of the vinyl floor tile projects onto a single web page.

13 February 2014:
Added Toob Native American figures, converted for use as Hill Giants to the toy conversion page, covering Giant figures.

11 March 2014:
Posted a new page, Terrain Project: Page 1.  Features a mixed media project, using 2-D and 3-D elements, from card stock terrain stuff, to make 3-D Towers.

28 March 2014:
Final update on the Hobgoblin Guard Tower project.  Moved it to the new Terrain Projects Page 1.  Posted several new photo's of the five completed Towers, which demonstrate the details added to the bases.

4 April 2014:
Added some photo's to the bottom of the Terrain Crafting Projects:  Page 1, showing perspective views of the latest Towers to be completed.  Added Terrain Crafting Projects:  Page 2, featuring Ice Stalagmites.


  1. After the discussion on TMP, I've added your blog on my blog-roll and will follow it !
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    1. I've looked for the widget to allow folks to follow my blog, but I cannot find it. Sorry.